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Our Commitment

We are, and will remain, the premier private lender to rehabbers focused on non-owner occupied residential fix and flips in Louisiana.

We are professional. Our experience, knowledge and network differentiate us from the mediocrity of the pack! We are more consistent than the rich uncle, more dedicated to your success than the hard money lender, and more helpful than the “mom and pop” part timer. With our mutual interests in alignment, we are your professional capital partner. We are reliable—we honor our funding commitments and we keep our fix and flip ground partner’s contractors happy by paying milestone draws promptly. If you are able to keep your contractors in work and paid fast, your project management headaches are alleviated because the best contractors will want to work with you! You will have more time to focus on deal flow. We consistently provide our preferred ground partners with all the capital they need to fund their deals. Since they don’t have to waste time on finding capital, they are able to concentrate on finding the next great deal. We prefer to structure deals with our ground partners on a profit sharing basis so that our interest are completely aligned with that of our ground partners.This sets us apart, because we are in the deal from acquisition to close—and we make our money when our preferred ground partners do—at the time the property is sold. We don’t work with everyone, but if you are serious about your business, have good deal flow and can deploy capital consistently—and not merely curious about the business—then submit your deal here and we will get back to you promptly. You can then decide if Right Place is the right capital partner for you.

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Jim started Right Place in 2007 as a real estate investment company and led the company’s entry into the private lending space. Jim has successfully led companies under his control or management into investments in single family rentals, large multifamily apartments, residential flips, commercial office space—and with his funding partners has funded 1,000s of non-owner occupied residential rehabs for flippers. Jim has advanced degrees in business and law from Tulane University, and studied as an undergraduate at the University of Louisiana, the London School of Economics and Georgetown University. He clerked for a federal judge and become a partner at a leading Louisiana law firm where he specialized in commercial and financing transactions. Jim then went on to have a successful run in the oil and gas upstream business where he was a co-founder in a series of start-ups, two of which eventually launched as IPOs. In 2013, Jim’s focus shifted solely to real estate investment through Right Place and other related entities.


Lise Anne does not participate in the day to day operations of Right Place, but she does engage in underwriting decisions and strategy development. Lise Anne also provides strategic, operating and management advice to Right Place’s ground partners as a component of Right Place’s commitment to be a consultative capital partner to its flipper ground partners.   Lise Anne earned a MBA from Tulane University and a doctorate from Case Western Reserve University. She had a successful career in management, leading a foundation dedicated to women’s health, lifestyle and wellness issues as its executive director, before embarking on a teaching career at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s College of Business Administration. Until recently, Lise Anne taught the capstone strategy course to graduating seniors as a tenured associate professor. She is now the interim associate dean at the business school. Lise Anne’s area of focused research is on the measurement and improvement of managerial operational performance.